Radiation Leak Test Service

Key Benefits

Radiation Safety Officers can be confident about the integrity of sealed sources and the accuracy and completeness of their documentation by using Microtec Services Leak Test Service.

Quantity discounts available. Please call for details.

The above prices are based on the number of kits sent in for analysis at one time.  Other venders kits are welcome for analysis.  Call for quotes.
Terms are net 30 days.  All past due accounts will bear interest at the rate of 1.5% per month.  Prices subject to change.

Other Analysis Services

Emergency Analysis
For emergency situations (e.g., damaged gauges or sources, sources fished from a well, etc.)  Leak tests can be sent by overnight express, analyzed immediately and results faxed to your office.
Environmental Samples
NORM samples, soil and water samples, etc. can be analyzed via high resolution gamma spectroscopy analysis or liquid scintillation (LSC) analysis.  Prices quoted on request.

Texas License Number L04656

Leak Test Analysis

Isotope Identification

Pricing​ for Leak Test Services

  • The model LTK-1-2 Leak Test Service Kit meets NRC and Agreement States leak testing requirements for all radioactive sealed and plated sources.
  • Fast, accurate reports produced using automated computer analysis with multi-channel pulse height analyzers for gamma counting, gas-flow proportional and liquid scintillation for alpha and beta counting.​
  • ​RSO's are automatically notified one month before next leak tests are due.  Replacement kits can be mailed with leak test certificates.
  • 1 Kit                            $35.00
  • 2 to 9 Kits      ​              $27.00 Each
  • 10 to 25 Kits              $22.00 Each
  • 26+ Kits                     $ Quote