Ludlum Meter Calibration

Survey Instrument Calibration

Key Benefits

Fluke Victoreen 450 451 451P 451B

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(1 Probe)

Meter TypePrice
1-4 Ranges$65.00
5 Ranges$75.00
Ion Chamber$165.00
Digital Meter$75.00
Additional Probes$20.00 ea.
0-200mR Dosimeters$39.00

Price Schedule

Quantity discounts available. Please call for details.

Radiation Instrument Calibration

Experienced, fast, competitively priced calibration service minimizes downtime and keeps survey meters accurate.

  • Sources traceable to NIST standards.  Instruments calibrated at two points on each scale.
  • All meters tagged with calibration sticker indicating serial number, date calibrated, next due date, and check source reading (if available).  Certificate of calibration furnished for each instrument.
  • ​​Reminders for re-calibration are emailed 2-3 weeks in advance.